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Darling – Godfather Rye IPA

Darling Brew Godfather Rye IPA

What they say...

Inspired by the African Buffalo

The Godfather rye IPA was first launched at the 2017 Clarens Craft Beer Festival. A heavily dry hopped IPA, the spiciness of the rye interacts with the resinous hop aromas. A hint of freshy fruitness shines through.

7.7% ABV

The African Buffalo is one the big 5 on the continent. It is also one of the most dangerous on the plains of Africa, able to take on predators as fierce as the lion. They are gregarious herbivores in love with eating soft green grass and wallowing in mud baths. They have become a major target for trophy hunters wanting to shoot individuals with a boss of more than 42 inches, with their populations declining due to over hunting.

What I say...

You don’t get many rye beers in South Africa, but this style is hugely popular in the States right now. I really enjoyed this one, you get a fruity rye flavour and a good citrus aroma. This one almost beat the Warlord to top spot of my favourite Darling beers. However came in a close second in the end, but I’d love to try the side by side again on a fresh palate.

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