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If you want to learn more about Real Beer Revolution, you’re in the right place. Real Beer Revolution is all about enlightening South Africans on the wonders of craft beer – viva la revolución!


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Mike Halls

Mike Halls drinking a beer

The revolution started life as my personal Instagram account. However it soon became apparent that the majority of my photos were beer themed and as my follower base grew of like minded people I had never met.  My real friends started un-following me, probably bored with the bombardment of beer posts on their feed.  It was at this point that I decided to remove my name from my Instagram account and Real Beer Revolution was born.  Now I didn’t have to feel bad about posting beer themed photos anymore, I was set free!  In the space of two months my follower base grew from a couple hundred to over 1000. South Africans were digging images of craft beer, I could sense a revolution brewing!

In August 2017, I was privileged to attend the South African National Beer Trophy. Craft beers from across the country were assessed by BJCP judges and Gold and Silver medals were awarded to some amazing beers. It was apparent that local brewers and breweries were doing amazing things and finally South Africans were being treated to some real beer. Then it came to the peoples choice awards, a hotly anticipated award, voted for by the public. When Carling Black Label was announced as the winner, I actually laughed, I thought it was a joke, it was not. At this point I realised that this revolution is still young. Much effort needs to be put in to educate South Africans that just because SAB tell you their beers are the best, it does not make it true. This website was born – viva la revolución!