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Darling – Gypsy Mask Red Ale

What they say...

Inspired by the Roan Antelope

An assertive rusty brown ale with plenty spicey hopping. An impressive beer leaving your mouth filled with a range of flavours. It leaves you feeling like you have tasted something special.

4% Alc

Roan Antelope-Hippotragus Equinus

The Riddle of Rare Antelope

Formerly one of Africa’s most widely distributed antelope on the savannas, where water was adequate, now with less than 70  left in the Kruger National Park and drastically declining numbers on the continent this antelope is endangered.

Highly gregarious and shy, Roan are the second largest antelope in Africa. They are territorial and notoriously aggressive, and will protect their young against any predator. The major threat to the species is the blockage to  age old migration routes which it is believed to be depriving of vital minerals, as well as habitat loss and uncontrolled poaching in unprotected areas.

What I say...

This red ale has a beautiful amber colour. This has a ripe fruit and toffee aroma which come through in the taste with some faint biscuit. Flavours reminiscent of a good fruit crumble or cobbler.

What you say...

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