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Darling – Long Claw Saison

Darling Brew Long Claw Saison

What they say...

Inspired by the Panthera Leo

Our single hop saison is a collaboration brew with Eduardo Petry of Sunset Brew. Eduardo came to South Africa from Brazil to visit the Kruger Park and Darling Brew. Eduardo specialises in making saisons, so the idea was to put a modern twist on this classic style with the use of citra hops. The colaberation has given us a Modern Saison with fruity esters and tropical fruit aromas.

5.3 alc

The beer is named after the most majestic of all African animals, the lion. This elite status has made them targets for hunters, which is coupled with habitat loss, the major reason for the decline in lion population. A new threat is lion bone trade to feed the Chinese marked and this is due to the decline in tiger population. Since the 1950s, Africa’s wild lion population has plummeted from 500,000 to ±20,000. After the infamous killing of Cecil the lion by an American hunter in 2015, the U.S. announced that the African lion is now a protected species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

What I say...

My wife loves Saison’s and really enjoyed this one. It has a fruity, floral aroma with a fruity taste. A beautiful colour and perfect carbonation, this is a great modern Saison.

What you say...

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I’m not sure about the taste. I don’t get the high Citra hops or maybe the quantity used was minimal and it’s not as fruity as one would expect. I would have to try it again one day.

Hey Leon, thanks for the feedback. It was a while ago that I tried it, so would need to try again, but in my notes I got a fruity, floral aroma and some fruity flavours too.

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