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Darling – Slow Beer

Darling Brew Slow Lager

What they say...

Inspired by the Geometric Tortoise

An extreme lager with a rich golden colour. Refreshing with a real hops flavour and rounding off with a mild bitterness. A great thirst quenching beer for those long summer days.

4% alc

Our initial inspiration comes from one of the rarest tortoises in the world and it’s striking colours are reflected in our branding. There are approximately 2000 of these beautiful creatures left in the wild, and endemic to the Western Cape. It’s greatest threat is the animal trade and habitat destruction. Recent fires on the farm Bartholomeus Klip killed many of these animals.

What I say...

To clarify, I am not a real fan of lagers, and there is no doubt this is a well made lager. If your looking for a beer to win over the average Castle drinker that doesn’t really enjoy craft beer, this would be the one to give them. I didn’t get any aroma off the Slow Beer, there was a little bitterness on the taste, but not much to this one for me.

What you say...

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