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Darling – Thunderbird IPA

Darling Brew Thunderbird IPA

What they say...

Inspired by the Southern Ground Hornbill

A generous India Pale Ale bursting with juicy citrus flavours. The beer is well defined and leaves a lingering sensation with an easy drinking temperament.

6.5% alc-45 Ibu

Southern Ground Hornbills are characterized by the black colouration and vivid red patches of bare skin on the face and throat. They life in savannah habitat of short grass for foraging and big trees for nesting.

The Southern Ground Hornbill’s loud call has made it a focal point in many African cultures, hence the name Thunder Bird. Historically there where taboos with killing these birds, however these have weakened with the modernization of Africa. The hornbill was a symbol the rainy season and this may have been a factor in hunting taboos.

Owing to large scale clearing of habitat for agriculture and the birds slow reproductive rate it is now listed as critically endangered in South Africa.

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What I say...

Now we’re getting to the serious beers. This IPA is great, lots of citrus aromas with a faint tobacco smell. You get a well balanced bitter taste with some citrus flavours coming through.

What you say...

"An amazing beer"
Roy Page

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An amazing beer. I bought some at Checkers in Plumstead, but wonder where else the beer is sold, other than Darling.

Hi Roy, Thanks for your feedback.
Biggest Little Beer shop, Woodstock Liquors and Roeland Liquors are always a good shout. Otherwise you can email the brewery for more locations where it’s available;
Cheers, Mike

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