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Darling – Warlord Imperial IPA

Darling Brew Warlord Imperial IPA

What they say...

Inspired by the Black Rhino

A silky smooth Imperial India Pale Ale, full bodied and bursting with hops and flavour.

9% alc

Once abundant from the Cape to the northern parts of South Africa and Namibia, this prehistoric looking animal was hunted to extinction in the 1850’s in South Africa.

The African population was hunted from around 70,000 to below 2500 in 1990. Animals were bought in from zoos around the world to breed with the population that was left to bring in genetic diversity. The population has grown to around 5000 animals, but is still critically endangered.
An age old mythical tradition from the far east is once again decimation the rhino population.

What I say...

Warlord is a perfect example of an Imperial IPA. Beautifully balanced bitterness with that 9% ABV. Awesome hoppy aroma of tropical fruits and citrus. This is my favourite Darling beer, I love this style and they have nailed it.  Could easily drink way to many of these beauties!

What you say...

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