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Mad Giant – KILLER HOP


What they say...

An unapologetically rowdy American Pale Ale – 34 IBU’s, 5% ABV.

Here’s to those who won’t take no for an answer.

We’ve cranked up the flavour by adding 3 types of aromatic hops in hedonistic quantities with a light malt bouquet brought in for backing. Expect gentle waves of light honey, biscuit and caramel from the special malts with an explosion of tropical fruits for fireworks.

Stage dive into our Killer Hop APA like there’s a thousand hands to catch you and you’ll never look back as you crowd surf into the sunset.

What I say...

When you talk to most in the know about Mad Giant, this is the beer that comes to mind. Killer Hop started my love affair with Mad Giant. Even today it is probably still my favourite Pale Ale in South Africa. It has this most amazing tropical aroma, full of lychee, passion fruit and citrus. It has a clean bitterness on the palate with lemony citrus flavour. This is truely a stand out beer, one not to be missed.

What you say...

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This was my favourite of the lot

Hey Troye,
Yeah for sure, Killer Hop is a special one!
Cheers, Mike

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