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Old Potters – City Slicker Pale Ale

City Slicker

What they say...

PALE ALE – “City Slicker” – (IBU’s 34.1, EBC 15.2, abv 4.5%)

This is our entry level sessional ale. Specially crafted from our locally sourced Overberg barley, this ale is straw colored, with a malt profile reminiscent of freshly baked bread. The bitterness and aroma are from American hops, grown along the rivers of Oregon State. Enjoy, my friend, and when you are finished, have another! This beer is filtered to give excellent clarity and a longer shelf life,  especially if refrigerated, lasting about 6 months from brewing date (visible on bottleneck label).

What I say...

Beautiful golden colour with some solid malt aromas. Some citrus and tropical aromas also come through as do they in the taste. Great balance of light bitterness make this beer extremely sessionable, this is not a beer you just have one of.

What you say...

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