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Lager/ Pilsner

Lagers often have the following characteristics:
  • ABV: 3.8% – 5%
  • IBU: 5 – 13
And Pilsners can have more like the following characteristics:
  • ABV: 4% – 5%
  • IBU: 25 – 30
Darling Brew Sungazer Lager
Darling Sungazer Light Lager
Darling Brew Slow Lager
Darling Slow Lager
Darling Brew Rooi Bok Lager
Darling Rooi Bok Lager
Darling Brew Blood Serpent Pilsner
Darling Blood Serpent Pilsner
Mad Giant - LAGER
Mad Giant Lager
Mad Giant The Guzzler Pilsner
Stellenbosch Brewing Company's Avenue Lager
Stellies Avenue Lager
Stellies - Hoenderhok Bock
Stellies Hoenderhok Bock
Table 58 Lager
Table 58 No.1 Lager
Table 58 Pilsner
Table 58 No.3 Pilsner
Benn Koppen Lager
The Little Brewery on the River Benn Koppen Lager
Table 58 Pilsner
Table 58 No.3 Pilsner